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We Provide Seamless Asset Waste Management Solution That Befit your requirement

IT/Telecoms Waste Recycling Global New

We are fully committed to provide our clients across Africa with secure and responsible equipment resale,reuse & disposal services. We do this by proper R2 (Responsible Recycling) standards laid down by the state,combined with a zero landfill policy. We are waste recycling experts, helping you extract maximum value from your redundant equipment.

Asset Recovery, Liquidation & Resale

Because we understand managing telecom network assets, both operational and obsolete, can be a huge burden for most organizations across the globe, this is why we help simplify this (Asset Recovery, Liquidation & Resale) by offering a fully managed end-to-end telecom network asset recovery,liquidation & resale.

WEEE / E-Waste Recycling Solution

Where equipment has no further market value or cannot be refurbished for return to service, LTC offers a comprehensive Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment {WEEE} recycling service and works with customers to reduce their carbon footprint through strategic recycling and responsible disposal of telecoms network waste.

Data Erasure & Destruction

Secure data erasure and destruction is crucial in order to maintain the maximum security of clients data and to protect their brand. In relation to hard disk drives (HDD). LTC  has range of certified data wiping and data destruction solutions with documented procedures as offer to our client instruction.

After Sales Service Repair & Support Solution

We help setup and offer after sales service repairs to service providers, Telecom operators and OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) across Africa, on devices (Mobile Phones, Internet Modem & Router, Tablet, Laptops..)with warrant & out of warranty status.



We Purchase all kinds of bulk waste material such as

Electronic Waste/ IT Related Products (Consumer Waste)

Mobile Phones, Terminal or pabs, FAX/Telex Machine, Desktop/Laptop Computers, Storage Drive/Servers System,Internet Routers/Modem, Audio/Video Devices, Television ,Decoders ,Game Console, Radio, Printer,Camera, Circuit/Electronic Board, Etc..

Environmental/Service Provider Waste (Telcos Company)

RBS,BSS,BTS, RRU ,Cabinet/Rack Box, Boards, Switches, Radios, Site Equipment, Batteries, Power charging System(Inverter)Satellite Equipment, IDU, Antenna, Cable, UPS, Server, etc..

Mechanical Or Industrial/Commercial Waste ( Hazardous Waste)

Copper Wire, Cables, Car Engine, Transformer, Power Supplies, Miscellaneous Site/Heavy Machine Equipment, Aluminum, Brass, Hydrocarbon materials, Generators, Power Plants, Industrial,Vehicle Batteries, Solar Panel, Oil Tanks, Gas Cylinder, Fire Extinguisher etc..


We Provides Professional IT/Telecoms Asset Waste Recycling Management Solution & Consultant Service Across Africa

LTC would like to seize this medium to express its sincere gratitude to all loyal consistent suppliers and partner’s Across Africa, with their full supportive gesture toward our success. After the re-branding and transition of Legend Telecoms Company (LTC) Limited in 2019, we have started to pursue swift growth in all segments of waste management with the utmost efficiency. The year 2018/19 was a watershed year for the waste recycling industry with China banning imports on all types of waste recovery scrap and forever changing environmental regulations. However, with our foresight into the industry, we were able to navigate the changes and still drive growth and profitability for our company.


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We Provide professional telecoms waste asset management services and consultancy.


We work passionately in what we do, and we never compromise our standards and values...

Dedicated To Our Clients

We are committed & dedicate to our clients for the best recycling solutions

Outstanding Services

We stand out among all, we're leading recycling company in across africa


Our client reviews

" LTC Africa has been more persistence and supportive, whenever we intend to carry out proper disposal of our defective materials"


Alain Andriamahefa

Deputy CFO Orange Madagascar

" A Very Consistent and dependable Entity, when disposing Telcos Equipment Waste Materials"


Diaka Mandy

Supply Chain Director- MTN Guinee Conakry

"LTC has the capacity and manpower to purchase huge Electronic waste materials, as per our last encounter with them"


Scott Xiao

Commercial Director

"LTC Africa came to rescue, with complete satisfaction when seeking how to get rid of our unused Electronics Equipment that occupied the larger part of our warehouse"


Mr Rindra M.

Logistic Director - Madagascar

" Since 2016, LTC Africa has been our reliable and consistent partner, when it's comes to proper disposal of our obsolete and Slow moving Stock items


Martin B.

Procurement & Supply Chain Director - Tanzania

- " When We are Planning on Disposing some Scrap Waste Materials in our Depot. Due to relocation, it's Became more easier with the support of LTC Africa"


Micheal Andri.

Logistic & Warehouse Director

We Are Committed And Devoted To Our Clients & Partner's


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